Spreading Smiles with Vivel Pujo Love

Vivel Pujo Love, Kolkata Bloggers
The #VivelPujoLove campaign seeks to bring a smile to a not-so-fortunate child’s face.

You see them every year. The young ones who don’t have the luxury of counting the number of new clothes they get during Durga Pujo. The ones who don’t have the luxury of eating out in celebration. The ones, to whom, Durga Pujo is momentous only because they can perhaps earn a little more than they usually do. You see them, in your trance of happiness, and you ignore them. You ignore the plight of children who don’t get to enjoy as you do, for no fault of theirs. These people deserve to enjoy and celebrate just as we do, on the happiest occasion in the Calcutta Calendar.

Vivel, one of India’s leading brands, has taken up the initiative of putting a smile on these beautiful faces. Last year, Vivel took up a similar project when they took elderly people living alone out on a day of fun, frolic and pandal-hopping in true Durga Pujo-style. This year, the initiative is back, trying to help out the not-so-fortunate young ones who are living in orphanages. They have organized a campaign called #VivelPujoLove – which will take these underprivileged kids pandal-hopping, letting them experience the celebratory atmosphere of Durga Pujo. Vivel’s ambassador and Tollywood actor Dev will accompany them, adding to their delight at getting to spend a day with their favorite hero on the silver screen. It is indeed wonderful to see a corporate taking such an initiative to make a kid’s day brighter. In the true spirit of Durga Pujo, Vivel and its ambassador Dev have come up with something that will leave everybody involved happy.

Durga Pujo is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. This Pujo, do your bit to bring about some good, by joining the initiative and lending a helping hand to #VivelPujoLove. Let an underprivileged kid join the festivities and experience a plethora of positive emotions. Simply click a selfie with a little one, upload it with the hashtag #VivelPujoLove and share it with the Vivel Facebook page, or make it your Facebook Display Picture. The campaign has seen enthusiastic participation already, and is a chance for you to spread the love this Pujo as well.

On a personal note, I believe this is an absolutely fantastic initiative, especially as the people being dealt with here are underprivileged children. It is a wonderful feeling to know that your small contribution has helped in some way to get a kid out on the streets, experiencing the simple joys of being happy. I am delighted to play a role in this project as part of Kolkata Bloggers, and I believe all my readers would also find it to be something that their hearts yearn for. In addition, Vivel plans to gift all of the young people that they take out for a day of pandal-hopping with a “Vivel Pujo Love Diary” which would contain wishes from Bengal’s social influencers. So if you want to put in some encouraging words for these kids, simply tweet it to @VivelByITC or post it on your facebook page with the hashtag #VivelPujoLove. Your messages could go a long way in instilling hope in these anxious young minds.

Embedded here is a video for your perusal, enlightening what Vivel Pujo Love is all about – simply an endeavour to bring a smile to a less-fortunate child’s face. I would urge you to commit to spreading love this Pujo, by clicking a selfie, or sending a message, and definitely by spreading word about this initiative. Let us make this Durga Pujo truly a happy occasion for all.

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