And The Plastic Medal Goes To… #Rio2016

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Pusarla Venkata Sindhu kisses her silver medal at #Rio2016. Picture –

P.V. Sindhu has made every front page today, courtesy her silver medal at the Rio Olympic Games. She will probably make a Sports page headline tomorrow as well. The day after, she will find space in a corner with other statistics. Two days after that, she will find no mention, right up to the point when she wins her next tournament.

The problem with finding backing in Indian sport is this – the average Indian looks at the Rio Olympics as nothing more than TV entertainment. The occasional Indian medal-winner is glorified, deservedly so, but none of that momentum translates into nurturing our next set of winners. How many of us actually care about any Olympic sport in the four-year interludes? Do we as the common masses find too many instances where youngsters are encouraged to follow sport and make a career out of it? We are so engrossed in the plastic praise of a medallist that we do not care about inclusivity of sport in general.
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