Kolkata Gives – Philanthropy Festival 2017

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The Kolkata Gives Philanthropy Exhibition 2017 Promotional Poster

There’s a lot of good in our world. There are luxuries that make our lives easier, there are things we can afford which bring about joy, or happiness. We are the privileged lot – the ones who were born into families where we could get an education, where we found peace and love without hardship, where we were provided an environment to grow into healthy, happy individuals. However, it is important for us to acknowledge that there is a world beyond the comfort of our living rooms. There remain thousands of people facing strife every day, be it financial problems, societal backlash or even personal hardships that occur for no fault of theirs. These are people who deserve to dream of the same things we do, and deserve a life of happiness. And for all of this, they need our support.
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