The Andaman Tour – Sea, Sand and the Patriot in Me

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Life at Andaman is relaxed, slow-paced and peaceful.

If winter in Kolkata is a tease, an Andaman winter is a myth. Temperatures in late December and early January remain at a warm 25 to 28 degrees. This is the first stark difference you experience, as a man shivering at the Calcutta Airport two hours ago, the moment you step out of the Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair.

Andaman is an unbelievably beautiful place. This was my first time on a trip to an island, and I absolutely loved it. The Andaman archipelago is dotted with several islands, 572 to be exact, with only 37 of them being inhabited by humans. The islands are home to some of the most glaring relics of British dominance over colonized India, as well as provide mesmerizing avenues for natural beauty with flourishing beaches, mangrove forests, lush green vegetation and surrounding it, a sea that seems to keep changing colour from emerald to blue to almost a thick black. It is this sight of black waters from ships that brought inmates to the Cellular Jail in colonial times that gives Andaman the name “Kalapani”.
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