Is Kolkata Marching Ahead? – CREDAI Bengal School Festival

CREDAI Bengal, RealtyExpo 2015, Kolkata Bloggers
The CREDAI Bengal School Festival Debate.

The CREDAI Bengal School Festival, an event conducted on the sidelines of CREDAI Bengal’s Realty Expo 2015, was held over the weekend of 31st October and 1st November, at the South City International School. I was a member of the audience, as part of Kolkata Bloggers, overviewing the thoughts and principles showcased by these young, talented minds.

The inaugural event of this School Festival, held on 31st October, was a debate on the motion “Is Kolkata marching ahead?” contested by participants from six schools around the city and beyond. Schools like Apeejay School, La Martiniere for Girls, Delhi Public School Newtown and others, along with the host school South City International, fought it out on stage in a war of words discussing Kolkata’s developmental strategies and their successes and failures over recent history, leading to the manifestation of a progressive mentality or the lack thereof, among its citizens.

The debate was adjudicated by Mrs. Anjana Basu and Mr. S.V. Raman, and moderated by Miss Mona Sengupta. For ninety minutes, proposition and opposition tried to outwit each other, present a better case and form more logical policy. Various issues were brought out during the course of the debate. While a lot of it focused on factual implementations or aberrations, some of the key issues were brought out and debated upon in principle, which was very heartening to see from such young debating minds. There were questions raised about the infrastructural, economic, social and political development that has defined Kolkata in the last decade or so. A keen contest ensued with sides delivering logic and fact at opposing trenches to secure their stance.

CREDAI Bengal, Kolkata Bloggers, RealtyExpo 2015
Participants highlight their key points at the CREDAI Bengal School Festival Debate

Another feature that was wonderful to see was the active participation of very young students. There were students from classes 8 and 9 as well, going toe-to-toe with their seniors from classes 11 and 12. None of these youngsters seemed fazed by the occasion, and it leaves no doubt that these fine men and women will develop into exceptional speakers and debaters with devoted time and practice. These are the rational minds that will shape the policies that define us tomorrow.

CREDAI Bengal, RealtyExpo 2015, Kolkata Bloggers
The adjudicators for the debate – Ms. Anjana Basu and Mr. S.V. Raman with Ms. Debjani Roy.

The objective for organising such a debate, and keeping the motion so open to analysis on different facets, was to get a clear view of the attitude that the youth of today has towards the City of Joy and its standings with respect to other metropolitans nationally and internationally. In the end, the infrastructural angle binds it to the spirit of its parent initiative, Realty Expo 2015, organised by CREDAI Bengal. It offers multiple options including an affordable housing section for those looking to buy a home or invest in a second home. The Realty Expo, to be held at the Milan Mela ground from 6th to 8th November, 2015, is a celebration of real estate, and its contribution to increasing societal standards in gradual steps. Do take a look at their website at

All pictures used in this blog post have been provided by CREDAI Bengal..

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