Inspirit Cold Pressed Juices

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Inspirit Cold Pressed Juices and Nut Mylks

On 7th November, Saturday, a group of ten bloggers from Kolkata Bloggers were invited to take a look at the research and development facility of juice brand Inspirit – a range specializing in cold pressed juices and nut mylks. It was a good learning experience, along with being a rather fun way to spend the afternoon.

What is a Cold Pressed Juice?

Most of the juices we consume in packaged bottles undergo pasteurization, which gives them a significantly longer shelf-life, but causes loss of a lot of vital ingredients. Cold pressed juice refers to juice that is extracted from fruits or vegetables simply by the use of hydraulic pressure. No heat is used to extract juice, and no cutting or slicing of the material is done beforehand. In this manner, the juice that is extracted has the highest percentage of nutrient content among all known methods of extraction.

At Inspirit, the juices that are bottled contain nothing other than the pulp that is squeezed out of fruits or vegetables by applying 14 tonnes of pressure. No preservatives, sugar or colour are added. This ensure that the juice consumed is absolutely fresh, natural and nutrient-rich. However, because it has absolutely no additives, it has a shelf-life of only three days when kept well refrigerated, meaning the juice has to consumed within three days of delivery.

The Inspirit Cleanse

Inspirit Cleanse is a detox program for naturally releasing the toxins inhaled, absorbed or consumed by the body. It works by introducing vital enzymes and vitamins into the body through health juices, allowing one to stay energized and healthy while looking brighter and younger.

There are three varieties of cleanses offered by Inspirit, all of which last from 1 to 3 days.

Start Smart – Internal body and organ cleanse.
Fighting Fit – Strength and energy boost.
Flawless Beauty – Skin and hair revitalization.

The Firsthand Experience

Bloggers invited to the Inspirit development facility were given a demonstration of how juices are prepared. We watched Inspirit employees put chunks of pineapple into the machine, which when switched on would force two parallel plates together, applying pressure on the pineapple placed in between these plates. As the pressure increased, the juice extracted from the pineapple was collected in a sink below and poured into containers. We were asked to taste the juice, which seemed refreshingly different from the pasteurized pineapple juices we are used to drinking. The same process was repeated with gourd. After that, we sampled all of Inspirits mixed juices, with their constituents mentioned in every bottle.

Kolkata Bloggers, inspirit, cold pressed juice
Kolkata Bloggers at Inspirit RnD Lab. Photograph – Abhishek Chamaria.
Kolkata Bloggers, Inspirit, Cold pressed juice
Abhishek Jhunjhunwala of Inspirit explains the process of manufactire to the bloggers. Photograph – Abhishek Chamaria.

Inspirit’s Juice Range

inspirit, kolkata bloggers
Inspirit Juices and Nut Mylks on display.

Inspirit currently has eight commercial combinations of cold pressed juices and two nut mylk labels. Details about these juices can be found on their website

The juices and nut mylks are excellent for people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many of my readers would be interested in fitness, working out, living healthy etc. They would have a lot to benefit from consuming Inspirit Cold Pressed Juices, as they offer nutrient efficiency like no other form of juices available.

Inspirit offers home delivery of juices once ordered online from their website. In addition, people can get 10% off on their orders by using the code INSPIRITARJ10 while purchasing juices. Go ahead, give cold pressed juices a try and feel the difference in revitalization and health!

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